How To…

A few words on “gobo” projection…the term gobo stands for “GOes Before Optics” and describes a stencil, or a translucent image embedded into or onto some transparent material, placed at the focal point between the light source and optics of a stage spotlight or LED powered gobo projector.  The device will project an image of the gobo onto a surface.

Steel gobos cut by laser die cutters and glass gobos are typically used in an incandescent-powered stage light, the choices of materials limited by the high temperatures generated by the halogen lamp therein.  Printed transparencies can be used in an LED-powered stage light or LED gobo projector.

Gobo projection is most effective when used in low ambient light conditions on a contiguous, flat, light-colored surface.

The Backbone Campaign of Vashon, WA has an excellent video on gobo projection using steel gobos and a stage light.