- LogoWelcome to Overpass Light Brigade – San Diego’s website. We are a group of activists who use lighted letter displays and “gobo” projections on freeway overpasses and other high-visibility locations in the San Diego area.  We believe that a better world is possible, and use our displays as one way to start and continue conversations about the ongoing worldwide quest for social and economic justice.  Join us for one of our Upcoming Actions

OLB San Diego Manifesto:

OLBSD is a service organization dedicated to the propagation of progressive and revolutionary memes through the use of light.  We have been described as part of the alternative media, specifically, as “The People’s Bandwidth”.  In this capacity we use our technology to promulgate information that is important to progressive community organizations here in San Diego.  We do not endorse candidates in any election.  Our messages may be used to promote policies that are being decided through electoral means if those measures have broad support within the local progressive community.  We receive our financial support through donations only.

OLB actions are social activities.  Actions require the voluntary help of individuals who are willing to act as “Holders of the Light”.  These holders agree on a time and place to assemble, assist in transporting the signs to the desired location and interact with each other and with passersby as we prepare to place the signs and turn them on.  Those with disabilities are encouraged to participate, no need to hold a sign, carry letters or stand.  On-lookers are encouraged to join the activity and hold the light signs with us.  During the display, social interaction takes place between the holders of the light, and often times, with the observers of the light action.  There is usually a post-event informal de-briefing and celebration by the holders of the light.  OLBSD is not a billboard provider.  We do not typically leave the signs as free-standing objects.  There are exceptions to this, of course, such as presentations indoors, at art galleries, at musical events, and when the activists/artists in the room request OLB to do so.  We also accompany activists with the signs as visuals at outdoor rallies.

OLBSD also provides projection of memes supportive of social and economic justice.  These projections are done at the request of community groups.  The projection actions often take place at venues that are linked to the “problem at hand”.  An example of this would be the projection of anti-fracking memes on petroleum tanks, or the projection of pro-democracy/anti-fascist memes at a building occupied by fascist forces.  These projection actions may include risk of arrest.  On the other hand, “holder of the light” LED signboard events on local streets and overpasses are currently viewed as protected speech.


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